The Bluefin & Yellowfin are biting...

And The Lady Grace is pulling them in!

With summer in full swing, the water is getting warmer bringing the tuna closer. We had a fantastic 4th of July weekend with Bluefin and Yellowfin on-board. Join us for the chance to catch the fish of your lifetime! We have Islands & Offshore charters available.

Tiffany Cibulka
Fishing for your Birthday!

Winter fishing on your birthday doesn’t get much better…

We had the pleasure of providing this 7 year old a fantastic Birthday! Not only did the weather corporate but the fish did too! This little guy caught his biggest fish yet and can’t wait to get back on the boat. With so much technology in front of children on a daily…it’s nice to get them out in nature and experience a different side of life.

Tiffany Cibulka
Fall & Winter Fishing

When summertime ends we start to get very excited around here..

because Fall and Winter fishing mean we get to look forward to catching Halibut and Yellowtail. 

Avoid the crowds, come fish with us before the new year for a chance at some of these big guys below.

Diane Serra
Making a Fisherman for Life!

Kids don’t usually like to eat fish…but they will if they are the ones who caught it.

San Diego Bay has many wonderful things to offer including big, tasty halibut.

San Diego Charters has been making memories for many young anglers this summer- creating fishermen for life!

Give your family an experience to remember and stories to keep for a lifetime!


Diane Serra
Family Fishing & Fun!

This is why we love what we do!

{This post was originally posted during Spring Break 2018)


Spring Break…

These kids will have some exciting stories to tell their friends when they return home from a fantastic Spring Break in San Diego.  Join San Diego Charters for a fun, family fishing day on San Diego Bay.

Don’t have much time?  No problem, these families fished from 7am-11am and went home with 3 Halibut, 4 Spotted Bay Bass and released a few more to fight another day. The fishing season is starting strong.

We have charters to fit every families need. 

Diane Serra
San Diego Parade of Lights

This is by far one of our most favorite holiday festivals in San Diego, the Parade of Lights.

Each year in December the boating community gathers to celebrate this time-honored tradition on our beautiful San Diego bay.

Information for the 2019 San Diego Parade of Lights dates can be found here:

You may also enjoy seeing this video snippet of what sort of holiday merriment you can expect to enjoy during this festival:

At San Diego Charters, we are proud participants and supporters of this festival and offer our popular BAY CRUISE CHARTER as a way for you and your family to enjoy.