Welcome to our home!


We are proud to welcome you to San Diego, California- a place we call home.

If this is your first time visiting San Diego we are certain will enjoy everything that San Diego has to offer. From iconic Southern California beach neighborhoods, surf culture, weekday farmer’s markets and a vibrant downtown nightlife. San Diego is a major vacation destination and delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

San Diego bay offers an endless amount of coastline and an impressive amount of water to delight the novice to the most experienced angler. It is a massive body of water with a variety of offerings from countless banks, tons of drop-offs and our favorite- A LOT OF FISH!


USA Today describes San Diego bay as a,

“Geographical marvel”

as it really is its own environment- rich with deep waters and a vast array of fish species.

We absolutely love our city, our bay and know you will too!

We look forward to hosting you at San Diego Charters.